Monday, April 13, 2009

"Take It Easy"

Yesterday, Saturday, April 11, we left Surprise, AZ and headed north through Arizona. The further north we drove the colder it got. We drove through Flagstaff which was very windy and having snow showers. Of all things – snow, we had never driven the RV through snow, but thank goodness it didn’t stick to the roads or get very slick. After driving through Flagstaff we stopped about 35 miles outside of town and stopped in Winslow. Do you remember the Eagles song “Take It Easy”? It had the line: “standing on a corner in Winslow, AZ”, well that is where we ended up. Not actually on the “corner”, but at an RV park 20 miles from town. The weather is different than what we have been used to. It was very windy and the temperature dropped down in the 30’s last night, compared to the 80 and 90 degree weather we had been used to. We did drive into Winslow and stood on the corner. There are also parts of Route 66 that you can still drive on today. So there is lots of memorabilia around that is reminiscent of the days when the main road was Route 66. Today, Sunday we drove about 5 miles past the RV Park and visited a meteor crater. Approximately 50,000 years ago a meteor fell from the sky and made a whole so large in the ground that it is now a National Monument Site. No wonder “Henny Penny” thought the sky was falling. Bob and I did a 1 hour walking tour around just a part of the top of the crater. I should mention that we were at an elevation of 6,000 feet, which is much higher than we are used to. We did notice the difference when walking, let alone being so windy at the higher altitude. Bob had to take his hat off as he almost lost it a couple times. When we got back from our sight-seeing today, Bob cooked our Easter ham, and we had baked potatoes and apple jack for dessert. Tomorrow, Monday, we are back on the road again to our next destination. I’ll fill you in where we end up. Enjoy the photos and we’ll post some facts and history about the “Corner” and the Meteor in our next post. Oh, if at any time you want to see the photos in a larger format, just click on them and they will enlarge for you. Hope everyone had a Blessed Easter. Lots of Love, Bob, Sharon and Toby

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Debbie said...

These are just AWESOME photos, thanks for sharing. Keep us posted. Love and miss ya,