Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Advice From a Wolf

Advice from a Wolf: Trust your instincts, Be at home in nature, Keep your den clean, Stand "fur" what you believe, Stay on track, Howl with your friends, Be a Leader and Pack Life with Good Memories. Monday we left Meteor Crater RV Park and headed east towards New Mexico. We reached our destination of Ramah, NM late in the afternoon. The area we decided to stay in is not very populated and is off the beaten path, therefore, we’ve had no cell phone or internet service for the last couple days. We chose this area because as some of my friends know, I love wolves and there is a wolf sanctuary here that we wanted to visit. It is called Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. The sanctuary is a non-profit and I believe, privately owned organization that cares for approximately 54 abused and abandoned wolves and wolf dogs. Since the wolves never lived in their own natural environment they cannot be rehabilitated and released back in the wild. They once belonged to people who either neglected or abused them or bought them as pets and could no longer care of them. The sanctuary is a safe place they will live for the rest of their days. Bob and I visited Wild Spirit Sanctuary on Tuesday and had a great time. To be able to see wolves so close was just awesome. They are so large and powerful, yet beautiful. It is so wonderful that the sanctuary is taking such great care of these wolves not only giving them the medical care they need, but also provide a place they can live and play for the rest of their lives without fear of abuse or neglect. Bob and I hope to come back maybe in October and stay at the campground they have at the sanctuary and possibly even volunteer there for a week or two. It was definitely a great day and we enjoyed our visit with the wolves.

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Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Great advice and FANTASTIC photos. What camera are you using?