Thursday, October 16, 2008

It Is Almost Time To Move On

Bob and I will be finishing up our jobs in South Dakota this Saturday the 18th. We will be leaving on Sunday for destinations unknown at this time. Our plans at this time is to go to New Mexico. We have never been there so thought we would check it out and see what it is like. Eventually we plan on being in Arizona by the 1st of December to stay for the winter.
Our time here in South Dakota has been wonderful, better than we could ever have imagnined. The area is the most beautiful we have ever seen. The sky is the most beautiful, deep rich blue we have ever seen also. The wildlife and the many, many places we visited has made it a summer to remember. We are going to miss South Dakota, but we are looking forward to new adventures also.
The weather the last 2 weeks has been pretty cold. Getting down in the 30's and 20's at night. Haven't endured this kind of cold weather in a long, long time. We are certainly looking forward to going where it is warmer.
As soon as we get on the road Sunday, we will post again to let everyone know where we are.


Ann said...

When I looked at your blog I thought somehow you had gotten into the photos on my computer! I have some nearly identical ones! We worked at Bear Country this summer, our 3rd summer there, and are now at The Roo Ranch, near Deadwood, for the winter. Yes, we are crazy, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with kangaroos and other exotics. I'd like to keep up with your blog!
Ann Wilson

Yarntangler said...

Your pictures are wonderful! we were also in SD and went hunting for the rvingmillers one day. We will be somewhere in Arizona in January and will look for you there.