Sunday, September 21, 2008

South Dakota Adventures Continue

Summer is winding down and Bob, Toby and I are looking forward to some time off. We finish our jobs in South Dakota in mid-October and are looking forward to getting back on the road and exploring unknown territories. Even though our plans are not written in stone, we plan on going to Nevada to see what the area has to offer. We also would like to go to St. George, Utah and then on to Tuscon, Arizona and visit with a friend.
We have worked very hard this summer and have really enjoyed our days off visiting so many places that we never imagined we would ever see. One of our favorite places to go - Custer State Park. We spend hours there watching the Buffalo, seeing the mountain goats, and the long horn sheep. We've been to the Badlands which was absolutely amazing. The Badlands are South Dakota's version of the Grand Canyon. The colors were beautiful and it was very hot, over 100 degrees the day we went and the air was very dry - no humidity. In Hot Springs we went to a wild horse sanctuary. The sanctuary has over 11,000 acres and they rescue the wild mustangs and other horses that will be put down. They bring them back to the sanctuary to let them run free.
The weather has been great lately. The colors are starting to show and hopefully the snow will hold off until we are ready to leave. We will post again to keep everyone informed of our journeys.

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