Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sunday, May 4, 2008

We left Crescent, Iowa about 10 this morning and decided we would drive to just inside the eastern border of South Dakota. Once we reach SD we are going to stay there for a couple days and rest up. We arrived in Mitchell, SD about 3 pm and the weather was just beautiful. The temperature was still around 70 and the campground was quiet and peaceful. Bob unhooked the trailer from the truck, we went to the grocery store and came back to camp and just relaxed the rest of the day.

On Monday we went to downtown Mitchell and visited a place called the Corn Palace. The Corn Palace is the biggest tourist attraction the town has. The original Palace was built in 1892, torn down and rebuilt in 1905. The third and final Corn Palace was built in 1921. The first 2 were wood structures with the last building being built from steel and brick. The Palace has a basketball court and stage that can be used games, trade shows, proms, graduations, etc. throughout the year.

The outside of building is decorated with ears of corn, rye and oats to create new themes and images. The mural pictures are replaced every summer when the corn matures and starts to decay. They use about 275,000 ears of corn sawed in half and nailed flat-side to the building. It takes approximately 3 months to redecorate and costs over $100.000 every year. I've attached some photos but seeing it up close is even better. It really was amazing.

After our tour of the Corn Palace Bob and I went back to camp and again just relaxed the rest of the day. Tuesday we anticipate driving to Wall, SD. By doing that we will be 3/4 of the way to Keystone which is our final destination.

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jpeterson said...

Hello Bob and Sharon,
Just checking in to see how your new jobs are going and seeing if you are settling in. Talk to you soon.
Jeff and Cherie