Monday, December 28, 2009

Where Did the Holidays Go?

Bob and I made it through our first time managing the See's Candies Kiosk in Texas. It was a lot of work, but a lot fun as well also. We look forward to doing it again next year. Texas is much different than we imagined it - lots and lots and lots of traffic. We were about 20 miles from Houston and the traffic and the way people drive was crazy. We were very fortunate that the RV Park we were at was only 5 miles from the mall we worked at. Even at that the traffic was pretty nutty. The Christmas decorations at the mall were beautiful and helped us keep the Holiday spirit even on the busiest of days. The weather even made it feel like Christmas. The first couple weeks we were in Texas the weather was great, then it just got consistently colder after that. We even had snow a couple days - certainly not weather we were looking for. Bob and I worked November and December and the 2 months went by so fast, that it seemed like they were over before we knew it. Hope everyone had wonderful Holidays and we kept everyone in our thoughts even though we weren't able to send out Holiday Cards. Maybe we can try and send out "Christmas in July" cards instead. Tomorrow we head out to Arizona to meet some friends, relax and hopefully enjoy some warm sunshine. Love, Bob, Sharon & Toby

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Mr Mrs Crafty RVing said...

Jorge and I just read your blog and loved it.. we too did not send cards... I dont think many did this year - so you arent alone... Now that I can read your blogs on my smartphone you have new fans... Can't wait to see NEW pictures.