Saturday, October 17, 2009

California Bound

With the hot air balloons and New Mexico behind us we are heading to South San Francisco, CA for training for our next work assignments.  We are going to See’s Candies for training in operating a kiosk, or a holiday gift center, in Texas for the holiday season.  Normally they like to fly you to San Francisco for training, but due to the fact we really didn’t have anyplace to park our RV or a babysitter for Toby, we decided to drive there.  We stayed at Candlestick RV Park, right across from Candlestick Stadium.  While the park itself was pretty safe, the neighborhood probably wasn’t the best, but it was our choice to drive there due to our limitations.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos of our time in San Francisco.  Our training was only for 3 days and our time was spent mostly on that without much time for site seeing.  See’s is a fantastic company to work for and they really were generous to everyone that attended the training.  We really didn’t know much about the company.  See’s is actually owned by the Berkshire-Hathaway company which is owned by Warren Buffet, but is still run the way the original family had operated it.  We must also personally endorse the candy.  Neither Bob or I had ever had See’s candy before, and we will both attest to how great it is.  They even have a variety of sugar-free candy also.

Bob and I definitely want to go back to San Francisco and be able spend some free time  farther north where we will be able to visit Alcatraz, see the Golden Gate Bridge and many other places San Francisco is known for.  We will be leaving San Francisco on 22nd then head towards Los Angeles where will stop and visit with friends before putting down roots in Texas for a couple months.


Bob, Sharon & Toby

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