Sunday, September 13, 2009

Where Did Summer Go?

Time has gone by so quickly this summer and it is hard to believe we will be leaving South Dakota in a couple weeks.

Bob and I have really enjoyed our jobs, and we have decided to come back again next year. It is hard to describe how much we love this area of the Black Hills.


There is so much here that we want to explore yet. We are in area that we can drive to so many places within a short time. One of the towns we visited is Deadwood. In Deadwood is Mt. Moriah Cemetery where Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane are buried. Wild Bill has quite a decorative monument for a headstone, but Calamity Jane doesn’t.


IMG_0002 IMG_0001


We’ve also enjoyed watching the baby mountain goats growing up this year. Here are the babies in June.


This is one of the babies in August


I’ve also attached another album of our photos from the summer.

All and all we’ve had a wonderful summer. We will be leaving South Dakota Sept. 28th and heading towards new adventures for the winter. Hope everyone is well and we will post again.


Bob, Sharon & Toby


Ann said...

Good to see your pictures! We, too, love the Black Hills, and plan to return after next summer, God willing. We loved Deadwood and Lead while we were there working at the Roo Ranch. Where are you headed for the winter?

jcw3rd said...

We too are here in the Black Hills area workamping. We're working/staying at Crazy Horse Herritage Campground. Where are you guys working?

-- jc&bev

Yarntangler said...

We are also hoping to return to SD next summer back to 1880 Town. If God lets us do that, maybe this time when we go looking for you, He'll also let us find you!!!

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Glad to finally hear about your summer and happy you had a great time! Where are you heading for the winter?