Saturday, April 26, 2008

Only 1 Day Left

Hard to believe we have only 1 day left before leaving for SD. We finished our last day of work on Friday the 18th and it has taken me most of the week to unwind. We have been very busy this week getting ready for travel and visiting on and off with our friends from NY at Maderia Beach, so haven't had to much downtime. We were so happy to see our NY friends, and hope we'll still be able to get together next year like we have the last 3 years. Have just a few things to finish up tomorrow, like last minute groceries, haircuts, etc. We'll put our slide-outs in tomorrow nite and hook the truck to the 5th wheel so Monday morning we just need to have breakfast and be on our way. We plan on driving to Georgia the first day and then maybe go to Stone Mountain on Tuesday. Not sure about the rest of our journey, but will keep everyone informed as we go. I told Bob I don't think the realization of what we are doing will kick in with me until we actually get on the road Monday.

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